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The warm celebration day abundant group party committee has the honor to receive the Jining advanced Basic-level party organization title of honor-威尼斯人注册收59元-澳门威尼斯注册网站

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      on July 1, 2016, the group party committee convenes “celebrates 71” the commendation meeting, commemorates the Communist Party of China 95th anniversary, and commends one batch of advanced Basic-level party organization, the outstanding communist party member, the outstanding party affairs worker. This excellent Party member's production, the party committee requires various branches to elect 2-3 candidate, has produced the excellent Party member through election in which there are more candidates than deputy positions's mode. The conference by the party committee members, branch secretary, Youth Corps Committee represents as well as the excellent Party member who commends is participated, manages director by the party Yang Wenbin comrade to manage.
      Trade union President President Feng read out day abundant group party character [2016] the 17th file "about To commend 2015 Year Outstanding Party branches, Outstanding Party affairs Worker, Outstanding communist party member's Resolution", and outstanding has carried on the promulgation personally to the prize advanced party organization.-www.048.com
      The excellent Party member represents Kong Fan the will, Chen Wenfei, Lu of imposing appearance, the outstanding party affairs worker has carried on the statement speech on behalf of Wang Zhiyue.
      Party committee secretary Comrade Wang Lifeng has given the important speech. Secretary Wang first and represents the congratulation personally to the prize advanced group, simultaneously has the honor to receive the Jining advanced Basic-level party organization title of honor to the group party committee to represent the congratulation, he pointed out that honor acquisition with fellow party members' payout which presents is cannot separate, is result which all party member joint effort. He the result which and has obtained to the party syndicate first half year development's prime task has also given the full affirmation, the party committee since changing session, insisted that each month holds a party committee meeting, the arrangement arrangement party syndicate work, the report monthly completion of work situation, passes half year endeavor, the company party building work has brought around to the correct course basically. Secretary Wang requires, after various branches meeting, “, as soon as must strengthen two study does” the study, wants the earnest organization, the key to carry out, must actual unify with company's production, various branches want the creative development work. At the same time, the requirement party manages must strengthen the communication and the contact positively with the higher authority party organization, prompt reports the work, strives for the second half year to make a more outstanding progress. (party manages)

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